Soft round Bisque leather double wrap around the wrist, creating a nestled layered bracelet look.


Size: 15"

Nestel Leather-Bisque

  • Our jewelry is composed of sterling silver, brass, bronze, and gold plated silver, brass, or bronze, or any combination of these metals. Other materials which appear from time to time include leather, silk or cotton cording, semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, and resin. All Waxing Poetic pieces are made of the best formulas and materials available.


    Sterling Silver, Brass & Bronze

    Waxing Poetic uses the finest alloys for sterling silver, brass, and bronze available on the market today. Though it contains anti-tarnishing agents, all fine sterling silver does eventually tarnish with age and exposure to various elements. Brass or bronze jewelry will tarnish more quickly than sterling silver, but can easily have its shine restored. We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry in the shower, hot tub, sauna, ocean or swimming pool, as moisture accelerates the tarnishing of metal. Sometimes the chemical makeup of skin oils combined with lotions may also contribute to tarnishing, so apply fragrance and hair spray prior to putting on jewelry.

    Boiled brass features a naturally darker finish that develops over time and adds to the piece. These items are low maintenance as frequent polishing can remove the finish. For cleaning, or if you feel your piece is too dark, it is safe to use a polishing cloth lightly; water not recommended.

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