If there’s a will there’s a way. I truly believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I've been fortunate enough to reach success through believing in myself, dreaming big and having an amazing support system. I’ve balanced being a dual sport athlete my entire life, already reaching the pinnacle of water polo with an Olympic gold medal. My sights are now set on reaching the podium for surfing. I set ambitious goals and love the challenge that comes with trying to obtain them. However, success isn’t what drives me; I am driven by anyone who can overcome their challenges. I understand there are more important things in life than sports results, but by being an athlete, I hope to inspire anyone and everyone that goals, challenges and difficulties can all be overcome by dedication and determination.  I am an ambassador for The Young and Brave foundation, a non-profit dedicated in helping today’s youth beat cancer.


These warriors are my inspiration. Knowing what they are battling pushes me to work harder and stronger everyday. Determined, positive and kind, these warriors define the idea behind my refocus band. You can and you will is my  refocus band motto. I want this band to remind people that if you want something badly enough, you should never give up. 

Kaleigh Gilchrist "You can and you will"



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